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Fabric, Vinyl, Leather, Whole Range of Couches

Great Quality Australian Made Leather Couches

What Make our Products Exclusive?

Being in the industry for over 15 years, we have understood the importance of getting something that is totally unique. We have realised that some people take a lot of pride in owning an exclusive and exquisite product at home. Therefore, our team of experienced craftsmen and carpenters leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting you the right couches. Our entire range of Australian made couches is quite different from all the rest.

We prioritise satisfaction. Therefore, include all the possible elements that lead to this. Our quality maintenance team thoroughly scrutinise the manufactured products for any flaws and their expertise is something that can be very much admired.

In addition to this, we also put a lot of emphasise on durability and quality design. Whether you are looking for modern Australian made couches or couches with a touch of antiquity, you can count on us. We keep a close eye on the constantly changing trends and endeavour to include them in our products.

Australian Made Whole Range of Vinyl and Fabric Couches

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, sophisticated, and handcrafted Australian made couches? There is no other place that can offer the range and quality that we have at Furniture Eden. We are your one-stop shop for a full range of couches. Being one of the leading sellers and dealers of custom, bespoke furniture especially couches for your home, office, and other commercial places.

Your Satisfaction is our Priority!

Unlike other service providers, we supply you with the top-quality products- sofas and lounges. Why splurge dollars on products that offer no comfort and do not match your requirements? Get in touch with us. We have an assorted collection of couches made up of vinyl, fabric, and leather.

We are the Longest Serving Couch Manufacturer

We are one of the leading couch manufacturers. Our wide range of customisable colours, materials, size of couches guarantees meeting your requirement. We also stock quality leather, vinyl, fabric couches at the most affordable prices.

We strive to match your style. Our collection includes some of the timeless and finest couches that are not only going to enhance the looks of your place but also reflect the way you live.

Discover. Order. Enjoy.

We have one of the largest collections in the city. Visit our store or get in touch with us today! Don’t forget to ask for a no-obligation quote

Our Core Values

Custom Made Commercial Products

Commercial upholstery products, e.g. restaurant upholstery, casino, aged care,upholstery dining chair etc.

10 Years Warranty

All products come with 10 years webbing, frame and foam warranty.

Australia Wide Delivery

Whole Australia wide wholesale shop

Finding someone to make your custom made sofa / lounge / couch
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Folks Talking About Us

James Steven

I have a lounge, sofa bed and now some chairs from Furniture Eden In fact my whole house is filled with their furniture! It all looks amazing and the staff are super-helpful and very honest.

James Steven

Lisa Wang

Furniture Eden's sofa factory in Silverwater sells very good quality and nice design custom made lounges.

Lisa Wang

James Steven

I have a lounge, sofa bed and now some chairs from Furniture Eden In fact my whole house is filled with their furniture! It all looks amazing and the staff is super helpful and very honest.

James Steven