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Custom Made Commercial Products

Commercial upholstery products, e.g. restaurant upholstery, casino, aged care,upholstery dining chair etc.

10 Years Warranty

All products come with 10 years webbing, frame and foam warranty.

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Direct Sale - Commercial Lounge And Upholstery Manufacturer, Sydney

Furniture Eden РAustralia’s #1 Upholstery & Commercial Lounge Manufacturer

Furniture Eden is the reputed name in the market of commercial lounge, upholstery, sofa, bed, chairs, and a full range of couches. We are based in Silverwater, NSW and have over 80 outlets stocking such products. With around 20 years of service and a team of well-educated, dedicated, quality craftsmen and carpenters, we have been successfully catering to thousands of commercial and non-commercial buyers.

We are a reputed, dependable, and affordable lounge manufacturer; and involved in the direct sale of upholsteries. Our focus is on clients who place custom orders. We understand the specifications and required needs of each & every place by conducting thorough research, our upholstery for commercial lounge varies from the domestic one. We emphasise on what our clients want and hence, pay special attention to meeting the detailing they provide to us.

Our Wide Range of Services

Since our inception 20 years back, we have prospered greatly. All thanks to the valuable feedback and requirements from our valued clients. Based on this information, we have added services that will allow all future clients to access all types of services under one roof.

The following is a list of all the services that we cater to

  • Upholstery Sofa
  • Upholstery Bed
  • Re-Upholstery
  • Custom made Sofa, lounge, and couch
  • Commercial Upholstery sofa, chairs and more
  • Fabric, Vinyl, Leather, Whole Range of couches

Our services related to bed, sofa, lounge chairs are backed by quality assurance and thorough testing. We source and use the quality raw materials finding that our clients are left with no scope to complain. This is one of the reasons why we offer a 10 years warranty on direct sale.

Our products meant for commercial properties are exclusively crafted to attract the customers coming to your place of business. This approach has made us earn the tag of being the best lounge manufacturer in Australia.

What Stand to be our USP?

With the presence of several manufacturers and sellers of commercial lounge upholstery, we have always focused on being different from the rest. We consider the following to be our USPs
A one-stop shop for All Custom-Made Commercial Products

Australia Wide Delivery of sofa, bed, chairs together with a wide range of couches

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