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Furniture Eden- Your Reliable Store for Upholstered Dining Chair and Couches

Upholstery stands out as one of the important inclusions of any house decor, isn’t this correct? We all understand the importance and the role it plays in honing the beauty of the house. Getting the right furniture set has never been an easy task for any house owners. Furniture Eden is one of Sydney’s leading manufacturers of furniture. Therefore, at Furniture Eden, we bring to you a wide range of furniture – upholstered dining chair and couches – that match the décor and requirements- of your home and office.

Team of Knowledgeable Consultants always at your Help

Searching for the right set? Perplexed about what is going to be the best fit-out for your office or residence? Well, need not worry about the choice. We have a team of knowledgeable and well-trained professionals who will be on hand to help guide your way towards making the right choice for commercial upholstery, sofa, and chairs.

If you are looking for any unique couch or dining chair, then make sure you tell us about it. We will endeavour to find the furniture that is best suited to your requirements.

Get Not Just the ‘Right Upholstery’

Being in the business for over 20 years, we have seen people relentlessly trying to find the right upholstery. But we stress on getting you not the right upholstery but also the most durable. We know the investment that you are putting in. Therefore, we, with our right analysis will always suggest the best options.

In addition to the suggestion for the right furniture, we strive on providing you with the furniture at the most affordable price in Sydney. We deal with furniture at the most cost-effective price.

Products we Deal with

Understanding the requirements of your office or house is extremely important, as is the décor and your individual needs therefore we offer all types of furniture- sofa, bed, tables, couches, chairs, etc. We have a complete range of couches studded with vinyl, fabric, and leather.

Apart from this, we offer custom made commercial products for restaurants, casinos, upholstery dining chair, aged care, nursing homes & more.

Our products, come with 10 years of warranty on frame, foam, and webbing. Therefore, this is going to provide you with peace of mind about your investment.

The following are some of the products that we exclusively deal with

Dining Chair & Table

Whether you are organising an event, function or want to upgrade the look of your dining room, we have a wide range of exclusively upholstered dining chairs for you that will surely enhance the atmosphere.

Designer Couches

When it comes to getting the best couches, we are your one-stop shop. With over 80 outlets across Australia, you can simply shop online in come in store today!

Our Specification

Since the year of our inception in the business, we believed that to stay competitive in the marketplace, we would need to maintain the quality. Therefore, as far as it is concerned, you can bank on us.

At Furniture Eden we offer products that come with 10 years of warranty providing you with peace of mind about your investment. Apart from this, our customer service is of paramount value.

Get in touch with us today! We are always available at your service. We can provide no obligation quote, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Our Core Values

Custom Made Commercial Products

Commercial upholstery products, e.g. restaurant upholstery, casino, aged care,upholstery dining chair etc.

10 Years Warranty

All products come with 10 years webbing, frame and foam warranty.

Australia Wide Delivery

Whole Australia wide wholesale shop

Finding someone to make your custom made sofa / lounge / couch
Get in touch and tell us your need

Folks Talking About Us

James Steven

I have a lounge, sofa bed and now some chairs from Furniture Eden In fact my whole house is filled with their furniture! It all looks amazing and the staff are super-helpful and very honest.

James Steven

Lisa Wang

Furniture Eden's sofa factory in Silverwater sells very good quality and nice design custom made lounges.

Lisa Wang

James Steven

I have a lounge, sofa bed and now some chairs from Furniture Eden In fact my whole house is filled with their furniture! It all looks amazing and the staff is super helpful and very honest.

James Steven